First English Based Moroccan School In Agadir

The Moroccan School in Agadir is the first school in Morocco that has adopted English as its language of instruction.

moroccan-school-agadirFatima Iffsate, the school’s Director of Academic Affairs began working on the project 3 years ago.

In a public statement Mr. Iffsate said that the school’s goal is to strengthen local education by introducing modern technologies and techniques that meet international standards.

The Moroccan School in Agadir is going to help students to find better employment in line with their academic achievements.

The school building has five stories and measures 9,500 sq meters. It has a modern internet system for teachers to communicate with staff, parents and students. There is also a music room, theater, art gallery, library, sports ground and a prayer room.


The Most Complained About Holiday Destinations

According to The Daily Mail, the resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Dominican Republic and Spain provide holidaymakers not only fun and pleasure under the sun. Those are the holiday destinations where holidaymakers have the most reasons to complain.

cruiseBut the number one reason travelers complain about today is not any specific country or holiday resort.

Cruises take the top spot when it comes to holiday complains according the UK’s largest travel law firm, Irwin Mitchell.

This past year, cruises topped the list again and they do that already the fourth time in a a row.

According to Irwin Mitchell, cruises make up 27% of all complaints. Most of them are related to illnesses where travelers assume they’re brought on because of someone else’s fault.